Texturing and Coatings

Coatings in Luster or Gloss. Machine, Plate or Brush Textures.
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Choose from: coatings in luster or gloss; textures in machine, plate or brush; lamination in glossy or matte.

Luster or Glossy Print Coating

This is an environmentally safe print coating, which replaces lacquer spray. The coating provides better scratch  and moisture resistance for a print.

Machine Texture

Two machine textures are available: Linen and Pebble.  Machine texture is created by running prints through a roller press with a texture pattern on the roller.

Plate Textures

Plate textures are available on prints up to 20 x 30.  Plate Textures available are: Large Pebble, Small Pebble, Art Linen, Palette Knife and Heavy Canvas.

Brush Texture

Brush texture is produced by a hand process. We paint a clear texturing compound onto the surface of the print. When the print dries it gives the appearance of brush strokes, similar to an oil painting.  Please note: We strongly suggest that all prints with brush texture also be mounted.  Brush texture causes unmounted prints to curl badly.


We offer both Glossy and Matte laminate.  Lamination heat seals a plastic layer over the print.  It provides additional UV protection and also provides protection from moisture and scratches.  Please note: Prints cannot be both textured and laminated.  Applying a texture to the surface of the print prevents the laminate from properly adhering.

Starting at $0.21
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